Project description

Gerena, SevillaThis solar power plant in Gerena is designed for a nominal capacity of 2 x 45 MW (2 x 50 MWp) which will be built in an area of 2 x 109 hectares covering around 490.000 m² with poly-crystalline modules (270Wp). Inverter type is a 800kW central unit. The forecast of the annual yield is 170,000 MWh which is equivalent to the annual consumption of about 67,000 households.

The connection to the substation is reached through a 220 kV overhead line.

The chosen location has an average annual horizontal irradiation (0 °) of approx. 1,803 kWh/m². The estimated production in each park will be around 85,000 MWh/year - equivalent to 1,700 kWh/kWp.


Gerena, Sevilla Gerena, Sevilla

Gerena, Sevilla